Public relations (PR) plays a pivotal role in the success of startups by building credibility, trust, and brand reputation. By leveraging PR strategies, startups can establish themselves as reliable and trustworthy players in their industries, gaining the confidence of customers, investors, and partners.

In partnership with Starta VC, we are delighted to offer exclusive benefits and incentives to startups associated with Starta to provide enhanced PR services and support to help Starta startups amplify their brand presence, build credibility, and attract the necessary attention and resources for their succes.

We offer special discounts and perks:

1) FREE press-release distribution on 15 websites. Yes you can order it now without spending a penny.

This pack offers 1 press release distribution on 15 websites which includes DigitalJournal (87 DR, 1M visits), BigNewsNetwork (76 DR, 237K visits) and (78 DR, 107K visits).

Standard price is $149
2) 30% OFF on the first order for the TOP-Tier press release distribution – 250 websites.

This pack offers 1 press release writing and distribution on 250 websites including TOP-TIER media like Bloomberg, Yahoo News, Business Insider, MarketWatch, Street Insider, AsiaOne, etc.

Standard price is $2 099
3) 50% OFF on the Full-Page ad in the Forbes/TIME/Entrepreneur Magazine.

Deadlines to submit – June 5th/TIME, June 5th/Forbes, July 2nd/Entrepreneur .

Magazines will be published – July 28th/TIME, August 15th/Forbes, September 19th/Entrepreneur.

This pack offers a Full-Page advertisement on the Global Magazines like Forbes, TIME, Entrepreneur. We choose your target audience location and publish your ad specially in those areas. This package covers up to 50K copies of the selected magazine. For instance, if your target location is Boston, we will publish your Full-Page ad in Forbes Magazine, captivating a maximum of 50,000 copies in the city of Boston alone. This precision targeting guarantees that your message reaches the right audience in the right place, maximizing your brand’s visibility and resonance.

Standard price is $10 900

Also, feel free to reach out to us about the Annual Startup PR Bundle, and we’ll gladly customize it to suit your specific needs and objectives.

BONUS! With Annual package you get Full-Page ad on Forbes/TIME/Entrepreneur Magazine for FREE!


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